The Srisaward Scout Camp and Khao Yai Camping
Location : At 19.5 Km-Stone , Only 3.5 Kms. from Khao yai Nation Park.
1.Special For Overnight Check-in
  1.1 Seeing and testing fresh fruirts dircetly from its trees in our garden , such as mango , mamgo-steen , durian
and also lichi by self service, ( Free of charge )
2.Thai massage with warm herbs treatment , round clock service are available.
  Sight seeing for ones who are interested in .
1.swimming in natural canal or fountain water only 5 kms. away from the camp.
2.Seening fleet of Bats flying out from mounth of the cave before sunset, only 2 Kms.away from the camp.
  Room rate of charge : 600 THB per night for a coupel with full air conditioner and electric warm shower.
We can also organize half day start tour and full day tour start 08.00 AM.
Supplymentary services
Pickup and delivery / from / to bus or railway stations are provided. Only 250 THB per round trip of each.